Mood Lighting For Valentine's Day

What better way to set the tone for your sweetie on Valentine's Day than with fun and creative lighting? Whether it's creating the romantic atmosphere with dimmers and candles, or wowing your date with a heart felt display, here are some easy do it yourself ideas for the upcoming holiday of love:

  • Flameless LED Candles - Want to set the mood but don't want to worry about burning the house down? This is the best option for you. Varieties are limitless with LED candles: they come in different shapes and shades, some with a handy remote, and some even come with timers and will shut off automatically. They are, however, battery operated, so be sure to grab a pack of the appropriate size before heading home to decorate.
  • LED String Lights - If you haven't already seen these you're in for a real treat. Each string is dotted with minuscule LEDs, that are about the size of a grain of rice, on an extra thin wire. You can tuck these in an arrangement of flowers, or wrap them around the vase, decorate the mantle over the fireplace, or create heart shapes in the windows of your home. They come in an array of colors and can come with self-timers as well, a majority of them will be battery powered.
  • Dimmers & Wattage - If you don't already have them, adding dimmers throughout your home will allow you to quickly alter the mood in each room, plus they conserve energy and extend the life of your bulbs. Dimmers are fairly easy to install, remember to turn off power to the switch at the breaker before starting though - and if you get in a bind give us a call. For an even easier way to dim the brightness of lights, consider switching out your bulbs with lower wattage ones, or lower lumens, they will create more of a soft, warm glow and can help save energy as well.
  • Bling Out Your Chandelier - Decorations, like a string of paper hearts, streamers, ribbons or flowers, can add a festive feel to your dining room and everyday lighting. Just be sure to opt for fire safe materials, or designs, that place the materials well away from heat producing bulbs.

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