Outdoor Lighting

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your backyard for long cozy summer evenings under the stars. From landscape lighting, to string lights that cast a soft glow, to outdoor pendants and more, these ideas will help spark your imagination and plan your perfect outdoor area.

Create the Restaurant Feel: Nothing screams summer more that entertaining outside with friends and family with plenty of good food and drink. Stringing lights across your porch or patio help give your area a soft glow and can create a café-like feel without breaking your budget. Be sure to choose outdoor-rate lighting for this effect.

Light up the Landscape: Invest in landscape lighting to illuminate your yard at night, setting a soft, romantic mood.  If you have a path through your garden you may want to indicate its boundaries. Water fountain and other backyard features could use highlighting as well.

Decorate the House with Sconces:  Have you added mounted outdoor lighting to your home yet? Sconces are a great fit for patio areas or entrances that need extra light at night.  A lantern styled fixture with glass panels will cast a much bigger glow than sconces mounted flush against the house.

Add Flair with a Pendant:  This option is ideal if you have a covered outdoor sitting or eating area, few things say “outdoor room” quite like a well placed pendant. If your intention is create a ton of light with this option stick to lantern style or a larger pendant with a wide shade.

Safety with Stair Lighting: Navigating the backyard at night can be dangerous. Why not ensure the safety of the kids and guests with recessed stair lighting?  Simple LED units mounted in the risers of your porch steps can add ambiance and prevent falls. Keep in mind that it’s the one or two steps that cause accidents more than taller staircases.


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