Smoke Detector Maintentance

Smoke detectors, they’re one of the most valuable fire safety tools on the market, and one that can double your family’s chance of surviving a house fire – yet we tend to take them for granted.

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Backup Generators

If you’ve lived in Sandpoint long, you’re more than familiar with the monumental summer storms that rip through town. Make a plan now to install or procure a backup generator and you’ll be ready for what Mother Nature throws your way this season.

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Outdoor Lighting

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your backyard for long cozy summer evenings under the stars.

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Tork Electric Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of year, when families all over dig out lights, Santa figurines, and old childhood crafts out of their basements and garages for that favorite...

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Lighting Trends For 2017

New year means a slew of new products for the home. We’ve noticed a few trends in the industry this last year for lighting that are making huge differences in homes and commercial spaces.

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Mood Lighting For Valentine's Day

What better way to set the tone for your sweetie on Valentine's Day than with fun and creative lighting?

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